Well-behaved women seldom make history

It's quite simple.

I'm a nap taking, Sound of Music singing, fun sock wearing, chocolate pudding making, Sour Patch Kid stealing, milkshake drinking, community service doing, Harry Potter reading, stuffed animal collecting, sushi chomping, computer science graduate, student affairs studying, Australian wannabe, star wars fangirling, old-school Girl Scout.

Any questions?

Now that I'm (pretending to be) a grown-up and you can find my lj by googling my name, I'm primarily friends-only. I don't randomly check who has friended me, so if you want in, you need to comment. F/O banner art by potterpuffs, created by me. Layout can be found here.



42, 80's music, a wrinkle in time, accents, acpa, alpha phi omega, anne of green gables, astronomy, australia, braids, bubbles, burt's beeswax, bwca, camino de santiago, camp texlake, camping, candles, canoe country rendezvous, canoeing, carmen sandiego, celebration 3, center for cross-cultural study, cheese, chinese food, chocolate, chocolate covered strawberries, christmas lights, color guard, comfy chairs, community service, coober pedy, cooking, coqui, cotton candy, cowchip, dancing, daria, daydreaming, dressing up, dunmore lang college, eating, england, fall leaves, family, ffnsw, flip flops, flowers, food, free t-shirts, frogs, fun socks, geeks, girl scouts, glitter, granada, harry potter, helping others, history, hot showers, hugs, ice cream, incense, jellybeans, john williams, keychains, ladybugs, languages, lebanon, les miserables, live theater, m&ms, macaroni and cheese, macquarie university, making people smile, marching band, mexican food, milkshakes, my favorite things, mythology, nail polish, naspa, nerding it up, nerds, new england autumns, oldies, opals, oreja de van gogh, pasta, pens, peter cincotti, pig latin, pillows, pj pants, pluto, post-its, puerto rico, purple, rain, rainbows, rainforests, rainstorms, rainy days, ramen, random thoughts, remember___when, residential life, robert w. smith, sand castles, santiago de compostela, sci fi fridays, secret of mana, seville, shakira, simpsons, singing, sleeping, snowflakes, sour patch kids, spain, spanish, sparkly pens, star trek, star wars, stargate, stars, sting, strawberries, student affairs, study abroad, stuffed animals, sunrises, sunsets, sushi, swimming, tacuspa, taking pictures, texas, texas state university, the amazing race, the baby-sitters club, the beatles, the boom bus, the office, the sound of music, trinity university, uluru, wagggs, wernham hogg, wider ops